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Research and examination requests can be submitted simultaneously in patent applications in Turkey

According to the announcement made on 2 January 2019 by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“Office”), for accelerating the main proceedings in patent applications, the research request and the examination request may now be submitted simultaneously in patent applications in Turkey. In the past, it was mandatory to submit these requests separately and respectively.

In this respect, “request for the simultaneous preparation of research and examination reports” has now become a new option on the patent application online system. If the applicant prefers to proceed with this option:

  • If the outcome of the research report is positive, the Office will also prepare the examination report and send this report with the research report.

  • If the outcome of the research report is not positive, the Office will send the respective research report to the applicant, and the proceedings for the preparation of the examination report will begin after the expiry of a three-month period from the receipt of the research report.

Please note that if the applicant wishes so, they can still request separate preparation of the research and examination reports.

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