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TRABIS Comes Into Effect and a New Era Begins with “.tr” Domains in Türkiye

Updated: May 24

In Turkey, (under the management of Middle East Technical University) has been the responsible office for the management and allocation of domain names with “.tr” extensions (country code for Turkiye) since 1991.

The authority of has been transferred by the Internet Domain Names Regulation (“Regulation”) published in 2010 to “.tr Network Information System” (“TRABIS”), which was meant to be established and controlled by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (“ICTA”). However, the changes regarding the TRABIS system were postponed until TRABIS was to become operational.

TRABIS finally became operational on 14 September 2022 and the provisions of the Regulation related to the TRABIS system came into effect. In this article, we will explain how .tr domains will now be allocated under the TRABIS system and under which conditions, the sale and transfer of domains can be possible.

A “first come, first served” Principle

Previously, for the allocation of domain names with .tr extensions, applications were submitted with documents (e.g., trademark application form) evidencing the right for such applications. Now, this rule has been abandoned and domain names with .tr extensions (e.g., ( can now be obtained based on a “first come, first served” principle without any documentation.

However, for some domain names (i.e., which relate to public services, applicants are still required to submit additional documents.

Domain Name Registrars

Private companies can now apply to ICTA to become domain name registrars. Under the TRABIS system, applications regarding allocations and renewals of .tr domains are submitted through domain name registrars approved by ICTA. You can view the current registrars approved by TRABIS here.

In this respect, the applicant for an internet domain name should complete the application by filling out the electronic application form available on the website of any of the registrars. The details of the applicant and contact details are requested in the application.

The domain name registrar intermediating the application immediately transmits the application to TRABIS, which evaluates the application when deemed necessary.

If the application is approved by TRABIS, the allocation of the relevant internet domain name is entered into the database and the applicant is immediately notified by the registry.

Please note that domain names are allocated for a maximum period of 5 years, and this period can be renewed through the registrar to which the application is made 3 months before the end of the allocation period.

Sale and transfer of internet domain names with “.tr” extensions

Under Article 13 of the Regulation, the sale and transfer of domain names are allowed under the TRABIS system. However, Article 33 of the Regulation indicates that Article 13 shall come into force 3 years after TRABIS becomes operational. Therefore, the sale of internet domain names with .tr extensions is not possible until 14 September 2025. After this date, sales transactions will also be possible.

Although the sale is not possible, Provisional Article 2 of the Regulation allows domain names with .tr extensions to be transferred to a third person even in this transitory period only in the following cases:

  • If the real person who holds the domain name dies, the domain name can be transferred to her/his legal heirs,

  • If legal entities enter into transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, the domain name can be transferred as part of such transactions,

  • If a trademark and/or patent related to the domain name is transferred to a third party, the related domain name can also be transferred,

  • If a recorded and registered intellectual and artistic work is transferred to a third party, the relevant domain name can also be transferred.

  • For the transfer to take place, the relevant information and documents are submitted to TRABIS through the registry institution from which the service is received.

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