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Trademark Assignment in Turkey

In Turkey, the ownership of trademarks, regardless of whether they are registered or pending following application, can be transferred to third parties through a trademark assignment agreement.

Agreement to be notarized and registered

A trademark assignment must be concluded in writing and approved by a notary public. As per article 148 (4) of the Industrial Property Code numbered 6769, the approval from a notary is a requirement for validity.

The assignment agreement must be signed by either the authorized signatories of the parties or their attorneys assigned through a power of attorney before the notary public.

If the assignment agreement is to be signed outside of Turkey, the respective assignment must be notarized, apostilled in the respective country, and the respective notarized and apostilled copy of the agreement must be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator.

Although the notary approval has a constitutive effect between the parties of the agreement, the assignment of the trademark must also be registered with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“Office”) for the trademark assignment becomes enforceable towards third parties.

For the assignment to be registered with the Office:

  • A petition requesting the registration of the assignment and a copy of the notarized assignment agreement must be submitted to the Office; and

  • A registration fee of the assignment, which is TRY 665 in 2021 for each trademark, must be paid to the Office.

Scope of the trademark assignment agreement

In addition to a detailed agreement, a short agreement may also serve the registration purpose of the assignment provided that the following information is included in the agreement:

  • Identities of the assignor and the assignee,

  • Application/registration number of the trademark to be assigned,

  • If a partial assignment, the list of goods/services of the trademark subject to transfer.

  • Assignment fee.

Assignment of ownership through a merger of companies or a court decision

The ownership of a trademark may also be changed as a result of a merger of two companies or a Turkish court decision ruling such change. In such cases, the respective change in the ownership should also be registered with the Office by submitting a petition requesting the change in the ownership and the official document evidencing such change (instead of the assignment agreement) with the payment of the registration fee to the Office.

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