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Trademark Registration in Turkey

Timeframe of the Application Procedure

In general, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (“Office”) works efficiently. If no opposition is filed, the trademark application procedure can be completed within 4-5 months.

Similarity Check Before the Application

Upon your request, we may check similar trademarks on the official records of the Office before submitting the application.

Classification of Goods and Services

In the application, we will need to specify the classes of goods and services in which the applicant intends to use the trademark thereof in Turkey. We will help you choose them correctly.

Turkey is a party to the Nice Agreement which establishes the international classification of goods and services for the purposes of the registration of trademarks. Therefore, it is likely that we may file the same classes with previous trademark applications that you submitted in your home country or other countries.

Official Fees

There are two sets of official fees which are to be paid to the Office. These are the application fee and the registration fee.

The former is the application fee which is to be paid to the Office prior to or with the application.

The application fee is calculated based on the number of classes of goods and services applied for the purpose of the registration. The submission fee for a single class application is TRY 250. For each additional class, an additional fee of TRY 250 is paid.

The registration fee is paid at the end of the proceedings when the Office decides upon the registration of the application. The respective fee is TRY 670 regardless of the classes applied for registration. The procedure is completed upon payment of the respective registration fee, and then, the Office sends the trademark registration certificate.

The respective fees are valid for the year 2020 and may be subject to an increase at the beginning of the forthcoming year.

Term of Protection

The term of protection for a registered trademark is 10 years from the date of application. This term may be renewed an unlimited number of times.

Monitoring of third parties’ similar applications

We provide all our clients with a free of charge monitoring service for their trademarks in Turkey. Through our state-of-the-art software, we regularly monitor all new trademark applications made in Turkey and once we identify a similar one, we immediately inform our clients for a possible opposition against its registration.

Online Application

In Turkey, all trademark filings can be made online. Therefore, upon your instruction, we may file the application and provide you with relevant documents regarding the filing on the same day.

Please note that applicants (natural or legal persons) who reside outside of Turkey may only be represented by trademark attorneys.

For further queries, please contact:

Dogukan Berk Aksoy, LL.M.

Attorney at Law | Trademark Attorney | Patent Attorney

E: dogukan.aksoy@aksoy-ip.com

T: +90 312 514 20 14

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